Field proven systems currently deployed by Government clients

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  • Gain immediate 360° visual dominance day or night; ANYTIME and ANYWHERE in the world
  • Un-manned & autonomous operation: all wireless video & audio systems deploy in less than 1 minute: no wiring nor field assembly required
  • Inter-agency real-time video & audio sharing & hand-off enables optimum operational coordination
  • Conduct real-time or historical forensic video search on multiple remotely deployed wireless portable video systems
  • All systems are vehicle mountable for long range real-time mobile tracking of active shooter or dynamic threats
  • Rugged NATO grade IP66 water-proof portable case. Semi-covert & full covert camera protrusion options. -40C to +70 C extended temp. option
  • Dormant mode: Camera system wake-up on command; receive real-time video/audio and remotely control full 360 degree PTZ camera lens
  • Built-in VMS + compatible with professional VMS: Genetec, Milestone and others. View real-time & recorded video on PC / laptop / tablet / cell. phone
  • On-board intelligent video analytics, optional license plate recognition & facial recognition software
  • Flexible tactical field deployment options: Pole / tree / vehicle / tri-pod / ground mount low profile / lean-back on rocks / UAV / UGV / custom mounts
  • Near zero annual operating or training costs. No new computers required to view or manage remote portable video systems
  • Intelligent on-board power management system; automatically selects optimum power source: on-board battery, backup battery, solar, vehicle, AC or fuel cell
  • Built-in intelligent ON/OFF electronic scheduler: 100s of remote portable battery operated camera systems automatically turn on/off according to schedule
  • Any wired: Cat5/6, fiber and wireless: public LTE, Police LTE, covert Wi-Fi, VPN, mesh, Ka / Ku band satellite communication modes supported
  • One tenth of the cost of trailer camera or other similar systems



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